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Affordable Shipping

When it comes to shipping furniture or anything else, there is always shipping fee involved. Whether the customer pays or the dealer it has to be paid to transport one way or another. To appreciate your business, we offer Free shipping online for some medium or larger orders for local area. This is purely an expanse we incur to value our customers business.

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Payment Methods

Online banking E-transfer, Credit Card (Visa-MasterCard-Amex-Discover), Debit card with Visa or MasterCard, Virtual Terminal

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Our Warranty

Berkshire Furniture warrants all the product as per manufacturer or supplier warranty. The warranty of products you buy is extend to you...

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Berkshire Furniture is focused on bringing you deals for Solid Wood Canadian Custom Made Furniture & Fine Imports all at affordable prices. Get best sale prices for brands like Handstone, Verbois, Burgundy Oak, Vokes, Sunpan, Nuevo, Tomali, JLM, Mazin, Lind Furniture, Dynasty. Deals on Bedrooms, Dining Rooms, Living Room, Kids Furniture, Home Office, Barstools, Bar Tables, Storage Beds, Fabric beds by Julien Beaudoin all at affordable prices with exceptional service and warranty. Berkshire Furniture Solid wood custom made furniture is very highly in demand due it’s high quality, affordability and vast customization options. Make your own piece of furniture the way you like. Our Lind Real leather sofas are exceptional good values and they are real. Julien Beaudoin fabric beds come with great options for drawer and mattress supports. Our most famous storage bed the JLM NOHO 12 drawer storage bed is a jaw dropping bed that will amaze you with its functionality and after sixteen years it is still the best seller storage bed made in Canada.

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Video ShoppingDuring Shutdown We Are Still Here To Serve You. 

Temporary you cannot physically visit the store. But Virtually you can. Please call 905-602-4922 for a Video appointment.