Portland Sideboard w/1 Wood Door & 3/Dwrs & 1/Wood Adjust

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Handstone Portland Sideboard w/1 Wood Door & 3/Dwrs & 1/Wood Adjust

Portland Sideboard w/1 Wood Door & 3/Dwrs & 1/Wood Adjust


Portland Sideboard w/1 Wood Door & 3/Dwrs & 1/Wood Adjust


Sizes Available:
P-PL310G     Portland Sideboard w/1 Glass Door & 3/Dwrs & 2/Glass Adjust. - 51-1/2Wx36-1/2Hx18-1/8D
P-PL310         Portland Sideboard w/1 Wood Door & 3/Dwrs & 1/Wood Adjust. - 51-1/2Wx36-1/2Hx18-1/8D
P-PL440G     Portland Sideboard w/2 Glass & 2 Wood Doors & 2/Glass & 1 Wood Adjusts. - 67Wx36-1/2Hx18-1/8D
P-PL420G     Portland Sideboard w/2 Glass Doors & 3/Dwrs & 2/Glass Adjust. - 67Wx36-1/2Hx18-1/8D
P-PL410G     Portland Sideboard w/2 Glass Doors on Left & 3/Dwrs on Right & 2/Glass Adjust. - 67Wx36-1/2Hx18-1/8D
P-PL420         Portland Sideboard w/2 Wood Doors & 3/Dwrs & 2/Wood Adjust. - 67Wx36-1/2Hx18-1/8D
P-PL410         Portland Sideboard w/2 Wood Doors on Left & 3/Dwrs on Right & 1/Wood Adjust. - 67Wx36-1/2Hx18-1/8D
P-PL440         Portland Sideboard w/4 Wood Doors & 3/Wood Adjust. - 67Wx36-1/2Hx18-1/8D


Industrial Revolution. In the early 20th century, the emergence of steel making operations across Canada provided architects and designers with materials that transformed the building and structural options of the day. New modern factories, warehouses and bridges with wide spanning truss and beam systems ushered in a new age of construction design. Our Portland Collection draws inspiration from the awe induced beauty and simplicity of these magnificent geometrically engineered structures. With its’ custom high leg metal hardware, and careful blending of subtle curves and angular edges, the Portland embodies the essence of great design. Modern...Rustic...Timeless.


Some of the following related features are included in this item:

- 100 % Solid Wood Tops-Sides-Fronts
- Four Corner English Dovetailed Drawers 
- Triple Ply Drawer Bottoms
- Full Extension Drawers Glide
- Stained & Varnished Interior Drawers
- Glued & Inset Drawer Bottoms
- Solid Wood Bed Slats
- Adjustable Center Supports
- Cast Bed Rails Hardware
- Solid Wood Mirror Supports
- Glued & Dovetailed Miter Joints
- Adjustable Shelves
- Touch dimmer lighting
- Geared slides On Pedestal Tables
- Post Catalyzed Conversion Vanish
- Finished Tops
- Screwed & Fitted Cabinet Backs

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In this day and age, not many things are built to last. But Handstone Furniture isn’t one of them. We refuse to compromise. It’s been that way since we started in 1999 as a one-man woodworking shop. Today we remain a family-owned Canadian manufacturer of custom-made, solid wood furniture. We still hand-select the kiln-dried cherry, maple and red oak hardwoods we work with. We continually invest in adding state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to our facilities. And we never forget that the only thing equal to the precision and accuracy of modern manufacturing process is the technique and attention to detail that comes from having a reverence for old world craftsmanship. We practice lean manufacturing methods and each piece is built-to-order. Handstone Furniture is different. It takes a little longer to build. You’ll wait a little longer to get it delivered. But we think you’ll agree...it’s lasting beauty is worth it.

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